Way to go Selma!!

So I know I haven’t written in….let’s see…….forever. I never know what to say. Yes. I’ve had a hard time this last year but I always have it in the back of my head that there are people out there that have it way worse so I never like to open up about the things I’m having issues with. I know that’s against why I started this blog but it is where I’m at mentally. I always wanted to try to help others and share what’s going on but I just can’t bring myself to write about it any more.

That is until tonight. We caught up on watching Dancing with the Stars on Disney Plus. I haven’t watched the show in quite a while but was watching again since Selma Blair was on this season. To be honest, I have been blown away by her talent and ability this season. As you probably know, she was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) in 2018. I have had MS since 2007 so I was curious about how she was going to do.

I’ve watched almost every episode with tears in my eyes. I know this hasn’t been easy for her but she kept giving it her all. Until this week when she had to make the decision to leave the competition due to the fear of making her condition worse. This hit me hard and I was, like most of the people in the audience, had the tears flowing. I know from personal experience what it feels like to have to give up the one thing you love to do due to this disease.

I spent many years working with the local community theater acting in shows. I loved performing. I loved singing. I loved the thrill of it all and the adrenaline high I got from doing it. I loved the weeks of preparing and practicing. I have met many people through this that I wish I had been better at keeping in contact with. Many that I still talk to to this day and consider friends. I had to make the decision to step away because it got to a point that every show I was in seemed to trigger a relapse. Probably from the stress and work that went into every show. I’m not sure but whatever it was I had to take care of myself first. I hated having to leave and miss it ever day. So the episode tonight hit me hard when Selma had to step away from something she’s loved doing to take better care of herself.

I’ve said all of that to say I’m proud of Selma for giving it a try and also for knowing when to pull away no matter how hard it is to do. I completely understand the feeling and tear that you showed. I’ve been there!!


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