I’m a Wrangler!!

So I was accepted to the local community college. Found out towards the end of last month. I’ve just been busy submitting all my stuff and trying to get in touch with the advisor on scheduling classes. I will say she’s not my favorite person to try to deal with at the moment but we are getting there. Lol I’m the type of person that wants things dealt with quickly and, well…..she’s….not. So there’s that. Haha

I’m working on getting my major changed right now because they had me down for a bookkeeping certificate and that wasn’t what I wanted. If I’m gonna do this, I want the whole thing. Not just a certificate. Haha Call me needy but I want my degrees!! My associates followed by my bachelors!! I want it all! Hahaha

I did find out today that I have to take my reading and math test for placement. I don’t have to take the writing test because the ONE English class that I took in the fall of 1997 still counts for that. Lmao Who knew?!

So that’s where I’m at right now. As soon as I take the tests and get those results in, I can then start scheduling classes. Then comes the big discussion. COST!! That’s the discussion I’m dreading but know is necessary.

As usual, thanks for reading and I will keep y’all posted!!

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