Update from Day 4 & 5 of Round 1 Lemtrada: Long overdue 

So, the last update I posted was over a week ago and was about day 3 of the Lemtrada Journey. I’m sure some of y’all feel like I just left you hanging on the remaining days of this process and I kinda did. Not on purpose though. I just didn’t have the motivation to post anything, I guess. Not because I was feeling bad or sick. I felt good. I just couldn’t make myself sit down and write it. 

Ok so let me start this out by reminding you that I was able to have a break between days 3 and 4. I had day 3 on Wednesday of last week and didn’t have to go in for day 4 until Monday of this week. With that being cleared up, let me give a quick little update on the time in between days 3 & 4. Thursday of last week I felt good. My wife had a MRI scheduled from a previous medical issue (gotta have a whole other blog post for that lol).  She flew through that with ease (and the help of medication) and she walked out feeling like she climbed a mountain. Which she did. That was one of her mountains that she conquered that day and I couldn’t have been happier for her. After that she headed back home to our boys while I stayed around the Dallas area for the weekend. More for precaution in case anything happened or came up I would be close to the people that knew what was going on and how to treat me. I am happy to say that I didn’t need any further medical help over the weekend. I was even able to get out on Saturday and visit with some friends from high school that I hadn’t seen in 20 years. It was a nice time. The only thing that came up was the soreness and stiffness that comes when coming off of steroids. The lovely feeling like having been hit by a truck. Took some Tylenol and that went away. Sunday was also uneventful. I waited for my love to show back up for her to accompany me to my infusions this week. 

With that part out of the way you now know that between days 3 & 4, I had no big problems that I wasn’t somewhat prepared for. I even got to go out and let loose a little. 

Now on to day 4. Pretty much the same as last week. Arrived at the dr office and was hooked up to the steroids. That was followed by Benedryl and then Lemtrada. Again, no problems. Took a nap (thanks to the Benedryl). Then I was set free for the evening. We even made a stop at Carlo’s Bake Shop (Cake Boss) cause we just had to try it out. See if it lived up to the hype. I will say it was pretty good! My sweet tooth liked it but I will stick to our usual bakers. Lol That evening was uneventful as usual. 

Ok, day 5 is where things get a little crazy and it wasn’t my fault! Had absolutely nothing to do with me or my treatment. My wife had a follow-up appointment that ended up scheduled at the same time as mine. She dropped me off at my dr office and she went to hers. Mine was the same as all the others. No problems. So I won’t bore you with any of that. Lol

 Now her appointment, on the other hand, didn’t go as we had hoped. We hoped she would go in and the dr would read her MRI and tell her that all was well and send her on her way. Nope. Not how it went at all. The dr felt that the MRI was inconclusive and needed to do another angiogram (second one since the end of May) on her in order to get a clearer picture of the cause of the issues she was having. (Promise I will catch y’all up on everything with her soon). That was scheduled for later that afternoon at 2. I didn’t normally get out of my appointment until around 3-3:30 so I was able to get a ride to the hospital that she was at to be there with her when she was done. 

She was finally released from that hospital about 7ish and we got dinner then came back to the house and rested the remainder of the evening. She was told she had to stay on bed rest and wasn’t able to drive for 24 hours and she did the best she could. She really isn’t a bed rest person. But she felt she was able to get back home to the boys so she drove home last night. I’m still here in Dallas until Sunday when I will get a ride back home with my mom and aunt who are driving through on their way to our home town to visit us! Figured I could just hitchhike with them! Lol Plus, again, if anything were to happen to me and I needed medical attention, the dr felt better with me here in Dallas for the time being. 

Long story short, my wife is doing good and we will find out next month what the dr’s found in the angiogram. I will come back next month for my one month follow-up and blood work with my dr. I completed round 1 of Lemtrada without any problems. Looking forward to this next year to see how things go for me now. 

Kinda long and all over the place. Hope it wasn’t too jumbled. Thanks for reading! 

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