Lemtrada Journey: Round 1 – Day 3 Last day this week

Yesterday was my day 3 of getting Lemtrada. Another good day. Everything got started easy enough. Steroids followed by Benedryl and Tylenol and those were followed by Lemtrada. Got done at about 3:30 yesterday afternoon. 

Now I get a few days off. Don’t have to go back until Monday morning. Curious to see how I will feel over the weekend without the dose of steroids but I guess we will just have to wait and see. 

I’m going to try to get together with some friends this weekend while I’m here since I don’t get to see them often (like ever). Gonna be fun. Other than that I’m just going to take it easy while I can before getting back home to the daily grind. 

I’m super stoked that everything has gone as well as it has and hope that everyone else out there is doing well too. 

Thanks for reading. 


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