Update and Other Ramblings

Well, I am back. Hopefully on a more regular basis. With the new job, I have a little more time to write a little more often. I am honestly going to try to do just that. Write more. It seems easy enough. right? So lets give it a try.


I recently traveled to Dallas for another doctor visit. Things went well if you ask me. She seemed very pleased with how I was improving since my last flare up. IV steroids seriously ROCK!!!! Within a matter of days after receiving the last infusion, I was beginning to feel like my usual self. I feel almost normal. Whatever that is. It’s always nice to visit with my doctor. She makes us feel almost like family while there. Her being very easy to talk to and genuinely seeming to care about not only me, as her patient, but my whole family. The first thing she asked at my previous visit was about where our baby was since it was just a quick trip and my wife and I decided to come alone. This time we made sure to bring everyone this time just so she could meet Sebastian. Anyways, back to the visit. She didn’t mention anything about changing me from Tysabri, which i was concerned about. Like I said before, I hadn’t had a flare up since starting it and i wasn’t sure what the protocol was for continuing on it after having a flare. So I get to continue getting my fix every 6 weeks. I have new insurance and once we can get an MRI approved she still wants me to get a MRI on my spine. Will keep you posted on how that goes. That just about sums up the latest visit with the specialist. Don’t have to return until December. Dallas is a good place for Christmas shopping. Haha


I have been at the new job for a few weeks now and I love it. It’s just what I needed at the moment. I do need to shout from the rooftops again about how awesome my wife is. She has had to take over everything while I am at work overnight. I know I’m only on for 4 days at a time but I also know that it’s not easy dealing with everything alone. It can be very exhausting. I am just so proud to call her mine. And I’m thankful for her daily.


I am sad that I am having to miss the kick-off of the Bike MS Cactus and Crude ride tomorrow…or..uh..later this morning. The riders take off at 7am and I don’t get off work until 7am so I want to send all the riders lots of best wishes for a safe ride the next 2 days. Also want to say Thank you for all that you do for those of us with MS. Without you, I wouldn’t be able to have had the good visit with my doctor this past weekend. Without you, I wouldn’t have the med that I was so scared of being taken off of since it has done so well for me. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough.


You may have noticed the new header photo at the top of my blog page now. This is kinda like a mantra for me. Also going to be a new tattoo soon šŸ˜‰ While I know, first hand, that MS sucks big time, I also know that it can only bring my attitude down if I let it. Yes it can take its toll on my body. My days of walking may be numbered. Who knows?? My attitude is one thing I have control over so it’s my choice to become a victim or not. I choose NOT!!

Thanks for reading and hope this finds you all doing well!

PS: Go Staci in the bike ride this weekend!! Go out and show MS who’s boss!!!


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