My life

Well, its been an interesting summer so far. Started out with a pretty major flare up of my MS where my left side went very weak. I was having trouble walking and being able to complete the most basic of tasks much less do my job very well while at work. Had to have steroid infusions for three days (first experience ever with solumedrol). That was….fun. Anyways, I am much better now.

That was the first flare that I’ve had since starting on Tysabri 3 years ago. It really took me off guard. It also made me think. I decided at that moment that i needed to make a change. I had to change jobs to something more suited for my current conditions. Don’t get me wrong. I loved my job. I liked the people i worked with/for. They have stood by me from the beginning of my journey with MS. Putting up with all of my Dr appointments and everything else that comes along with MS and I am incredibly thankful for that. I just needed to look for something out of the heat and off my feet for the extended periods of time. I was also afraid that if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to do the job expected of me much longer to the standards that my employer expected and deserved.

I had worked at that job for almost 10 years and last Friday was my last day there. It felt very weird to get up and not go to the same place I have gone to for so long. In case you couldn’t tell, I found another job. It’s a job at night doing dispatch for this company’s service trucks. This job appealed to me for a number of reason. Being night shift gets me out of the heat. Much needed relief in that point alone. My schedule is a 4 on/4 off schedule. Meaning that I will work for four days and be off for four days. This will give me more time with the kiddos. I won’t be on my feet for the entire shift.

I am currently trying to stay up tonight since I start tomorrow night. Its currently 4:35 am and my eyes are extremely heavy. Just a couple hours left until i can crawl into bed. My 6 year old decided that he was going to stay awake with me to help keep me awake. He passed out a long time ago. Haha I am still awake and kicking…….so far.

Im excited about starting this new chapter or as a dear friend told me, “Life is seasons of change”. So lets get this new season started.

Thanks for reading!


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