Another MRI in the history books

Had my latest MRI done this morning. They aren’t my favorite thing to do but I have to admit I don’t hate/dread it. I guess I’m fortunate. I don’t suffer from claustrophobia or anything that causes panic. I just have to lie there and be still. It’s a good time to go inside my head for a bit and just…..BE. Just BE relaxed. Just BE calm and just BE me. No where to go and nothing to do. It’s a very peaceful time for me. I might even doze off for a bit. With work and family, there isn’t ever much time for that.

Now to wait for a couple days to see what the dr says after reviewing it. Hopefully it will show the same as the last few MRI’s which was “No active lesions”.

So waiting begins!! Will let you know how it turns out!! Thanks for reading!


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