I’m still alive…..I think!!

Wow! It’s been a while since I posted here and I would like to apologize for the long absence! It’s just hard to write for the blog while sleep sounds so nice!! Haha I could tell you that it’s the MS fatigue that’s the cause for my exhaustion, but I would be lying to you. Here’s the real culprit:


He is a good baby. Don’t get me wrong. And I love him. We were just really out of practice with babies when he came along. We have lived in zombie land since about mid-November. A friend said to me that they missed hearing from me here on the blog but honestly, my thoughts have been “If there’s time to blog, there’s time to sleep!”.

With that being said, I feel guilty for just leaving everyone hanging here so here I am giving a quick update on everything. I am doing good! I am learning to survive really well on little sleep. My MS hasn’t given any problems at all lately! I’ve been responding well to the Tysabri so honestly I haven’t had any flares since starting on it in 2011. I couldn’t be happier with how things are. Now if I could just figure out how to relax and rest, all will be great!!

Getting ready to go on vacation from work for spring break. Gonna take the oldest camping for few nights. Trying to get things ready for that. Plan on fishing and cooking out….and I’m not really sure what else we will do but surely we can find something!! Crossing my fingers and hoping the weather will cooperate while we are there. But we will make the best of it no matter what happens! I just wanted to take this time with him since he has been such a big help with his brother!

Well that’s a short version of everything going on in my world at the moment!! Will post more and pictures of our camping trip as soon as possible!!

Thanks for reading!


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