Lists? What lists?

This post is to tell you that my lists that I mentioned yesterday, went right out the window today. They are still there. Just put on hold for a while!!

My day started like any other. We woke up and started to get ready for the day. I started my shower and was letting it warm up when my wife says “Uh…Scott. My water just broke.”

Oh….ok….What do we do now? I went ahead and jumped in the shower while she called the Dr.’s and then ran around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get things ready to go! We woke my 5 yr old up and asked if he was ready for a brother and he was all kinds of excited!! We didn’t even make him go to school today! Which also made him even more excited! Haha

We went to the hospital and registered and went to Labor & Delivery where they verified that her water indeed broke and immediately started getting her ready for the c-section. They started the surgery (or at least all the preparations in the operating room) around 10:00 am and at 10:59 am, we had a beautiful little boy!!


Here are a bunch of pictures from throughout the day! He is perfectly healthy, very large and absolutely perfect!! His birth stats: 9lbs 7.6oz, 20 1/4″ long.







All in all, today was a perfect day! Not stressing over lists anymore! They don’t seem quite as important!

Thanks for reading!


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