Lists, lists and more lists


Nope! That’s not the famed “Naughty or Nice” list that Santa is reading. That’s my list of things that I need to do before the baby arrives! I just let Santa borrow it so maybe he wouldn’t feel so bad when he has to check his list! TWICE!! All he has to do is sit there and say “Good” or “Bad”. My list involves physical labor!! And I swear my list keeps growing!

This weekend is going to be a marathon to tackle and hopefully win against ever growing list!! Kinda hard though since I accomplished quite a bit on Tuesday evening but then quickly realized on Wednesday that I apparently over did it a bit! I wasn’t worth anything all day. Exhausted and just….blah. No worries though. I have to get this stuff done. One way or another!!!

We only have about another week to go! At least that is what we are assuming. Of course, if our other assumptions are any indication, we are wrong!! Lol We were told that the drs were shooting for 37 weeks so we assumed that at 37 weeks we would be having a baby. Then they told us 38 weeks (which is where she is at today) and again…..wrong. Now it has turned into being 39 weeks and then they will do the c-section. So, again, we are assuming that if she doesn’t go into labor before next Thursday, they will finally schedule her c-section!! But I will keep everyone posted on how that goes!! Lol

In the meantime, wish me luck that I won’t drown in my sea of LISTS!! Haha

Thanks for reading!


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