A quick update on me and baby

Well here we are about a month from the due date for my second child to be born but honestly not thinking we are going to make it that far. My wife had Dr appointments yesterday that pretty much told us that in about 2 weeks we should have a baby. The first Dr told her that everything looked good and to come back in 2 weeks, which he referred to as the “Final 2 weeks”! That was clue #1. haha

Then to Dr appointment number 2. She has been going to this Dr once a week for a while now and yesterday was her weekly visit. He also said that everything looked good and the baby’s heartbeat sounded good and she still had plenty of amniotic fluid around the baby. They have been checking that weekly due to our first son being born early and her water breaking early. They also took her blood pressure about 6 times and 4 out of 6 times is was perfect. It was those other 2 times that it was high and that was when the Dr told her that when that happened it’s called “Transient High Blood Pressure”. He also told her that this normally happens towards the end of the pregnancy. Clue #2! She also now has to go back to this Dr twice a week now. Every Tuesday and Friday until they decide to schedule the c-section. We are trying to patiently wait for them to give the word that its go time! The good thing is that tomorrow she will be 36 weeks along and by the time she goes back to the first Dr she will be just 2 days shy of 38 weeks so we are keeping our fingers crossed that he decides to hang out in there just a few more weeks. And at that appointment we assume that they are going to schedule everything.

Now onto me! ME ME ME! Haha Just kidding. I have been good. I can’t really complain right now! I am doing good with the every 6 wks infusions of Tysabri. I don’t really have as much of the fatigue as i did when we first started doing it that way at the beginning of this year. I wasn’t able to make it to the second men’s with ms meeting. It happened to fall on the same day as every other party or function we had been invited to. There just weren’t enough hours in that day to get it all done.

Well that about sums up how everything is going so far!! I will definitely be posting pictures here of the new baby as soon as he makes his appearance!!
Thanks for reading!


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