Wait!!! How long??

I was talking to my wife this morning when she mentioned that her nurse was at her job. She has had a nurse coming once a week to give her a Progesterone shot since she was about 15 weeks pregnant and today was the day.

Trying to be a supportive hubby, I replied that there shouldn’t be many more injections. That’s when she dropped the bomb. She pointed out exactly how many more she has to have. 4!!! That is 4 more injections until she is 37 weeks along and according to some research, any time after 37 weeks is considered full term. Since she is having a c-section, that means that anytime after the next 4 weeks, her dr can say “Let’s go!” and there you have it! A new baby!!

I’m still stuck on the fact that it only 4 weeks!! 4 weeks that’s all!! In the grand scheme of things, that’s not long!! And the way time is flying by, baby will be here before we know it!!

I do have to say that I am very proud of the way my wife is holding up!! She is handling things like a champ! She has endured the insulin injection 4 times a day plus checking her sugar at least that many times. Both of which involve needles! I bow before her in awe since I used to complain about my injections for MS and they only had to happen, at the most, every other day. I really couldn’t have done it as much as she has had to!! She has also had the weight of worrying about pre-term birth, since our first was 7 weeks early. She has stressed over because he spent a month in the hospital after he was born and to be honest, that was the hardest time I can remember for both of us!! Neither of us want to go through that again. And with all of this going on, she has just kept going like a pro! I have started referring to her as “Superwoman”. If I could be half as strong as she is, I would be doing good!!! Haha

I love this woman!! I am so proud to be able to call her mine!!

Well it’s time to get busy!! Gotta prepare!! Don’t have that much time!! Thanks for reading!


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