Farmer Dad (Take 2)

Well as you all know, my first attempt at gardening was a giant flop! Well, no! It never got off the ground enough to flop. It was more of a….a….ok! Let’s just call it what it is…..a failure!! Haha I did finally break the news about it to my kiddo this morning, though. But that comes later!

I got up this morning and, after breakfast, decided to go to Home Depot for some wood filler for my next project. A dresser that we got from a friends garage sale for the baby’s room. I asked if my son wanted to go with me since he had been sickly for the last few days and cooped up inside. Intel rally thought it would be nice for him to get out. I apparently said I was going to the right place because he got excited and said “We can get something for my garden!” The first thought through my head was “Well, Crap!!!!!!” I talked to my wife about it and thought that maybe we can get him a flower that he can plant in a pot and we could set on the porch.

That’s what we decided to do! I never mentioned the “garden” again. We arrived at Home Depot and went straight to the garden area. I told him what the plan was and that he could pick out any flower (within reason) and a pot (also within reason)! I also grabbed some Miracle-Gro products to try to better my chances with this one! Also invested in potting soil with moisture control for over and UNDER watering! Good thinking on my part!! I hope!

After all was said and done, this is what we came up with:


After we planted this and were watering it he says “Oh! We need to water my garden!!” and that’s the point that I had to break it to him that this farmer was a failure!! Haha But I did tell him we will give it another shot next spring! Wish me luck with the flower until then!

Thanks for reading!!


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