Meeting of the minds

Had a great time this weekend at the first ever, for this area, meeting for men with MS. It was nice meeting others guys going through the same things you may be going through. Since men and women experience different things associated with this disease, it was good to find other guys to talk to about the things you may not be willing to talk about in previous meetings predominately attended by women. I do want to add that I loved going to those meetings with the ladies! I met some very sweet and dear women there that will always be considered friends. I, personally, just didn’t feel comfortable talking about some things with all of them! Haha

There were 6 of us that got together at a local restaurant and just spent the time introducing ourselves and sharing our story of diagnosis. It was more of a getting to know each other meeting! We sat and talked for a couple hours just sharing experiences and asking questions. It was a good time. I look forward to the future meetings! I feel some life-long friendships could come from this!!


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