Here’s the latest…

Let me start this blog off by giving the update on how the garden is since I know you are all sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear. The garden is…DEAD! Something about not watering it that doesn’t really agree with trying to grow things. Haha I just never got into the habit of tending to so it just never entered my mind. And my junior farmer has never given it another thought!!! This garden that he needed so bad yet he never even missed it. Oh well! We can try again next spring when the time is better for it anyways.

In my MS world, I’ve been doing pretty good! Not much to complain about right now other than this stupid cold that keeps coming back to visit bringing all the snot and coughs along with it! Oh! Can’t forget the sneezes! Tysabri is still doing its job! No relapses since starting on it over 2 years ago. So that’s good! My increase in Zoloft is also working well for me! Spend less time dwelling on all the dreadful situations that I manage to cook up in my head! Much more pleasant! There really isn’t much news to tell about my MS world. No news is good news! Right?

In Baby world, still trucking along! She is going to be 30 weeks on Thursday (the 19th) which is entering another stressful time! My son was born at about 31-32 weeks and had to spend a month in the NICU at the hospital. Not the fun time that you expect after birth of a child. So we are keeping our fingers crossed and our faith strong that this one decides to hang out inside a little longer. The journey of a baby from conception to birth is one of God’s many miracles! Now if only I understood why their lungs had to be the last to form! Haha On another note, ITS GETTING CLOSE!! Can’t wait to hold that little ninja that’s been beating my wife up from the inside! My wife has been holding up like a champ! Through all the shots and everything she is doing good! She has to go back in a couple of weeks for another sonogram and checking to make sure the baby is doing good and then after this appointment, she starts going weekly until they say that he is ready to make his appearance! That is, if he doesn’t decide it’s time before then!

On a completely different topic, I have been toying with the idea of writing a book! I have always enjoyed writing. I just never make time for it! That needs to change! It would be a great creative outlet. I just have so many different ideas floating around my skull that I just need to sit down and get them on paper and see which one leads me! It’s just in the thinking stage right now so nothing concrete has been put in writing! Need to change that though!

Well that is a quick update to my world! Thanks for reading!


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