We will never forget!!

I will never forget the morning of September 11, 2001. It is as clear in my mind as what I had for breakfast this morning.

We were still living in Abilene at the time. I was getting ready for work. Running late, as usual. I was listening to Trace and Kenny in the morning on 103fm just like every morning. My wife was getting ready for her day in the other room.

On the radio, they started talking about a plane hitting the World Trade Center and joking about a drunk pilot. I was laughing along with them as I turned on the tv to see if the news was talking about it. Sure enough they were.

I watched as they showed the wreckage and smoke rising from the first building. That’s when a plane hit building #2! My stomach just sank! I knew immediately, along with everyone else watching, this wasn’t an accident! I watched as long as I could before having to go pick up a co-worker and get to work. I listened to the radio the whole way and watched on the tv again as soon as I got to work.

The news kept speculating about what this could be with no definitive answers. And that’s when the building fell. We just stood there and watched in horror. Feeling completely helpless. I kept thinking about the people still in those buildings or surrounding area.

The rest of the day, the happenings of the morning was all anyone could think about. It was like in the song by Allan Jackson “Where Were You” when he asked if you called your mother and tell her you love her. I sure did! She lived in Tennessee at the moment and was no where near New York but I just had to talk to her. To hear her voice.

Over the next few days the images printed in papers or flashed up on the new shows, were images I will never be able to unsee. Pictures of people falling from the towers. Pictures of people crying from not knowing of loved ones or from fear. Each and every one even more painful to see than the one before. Pictures of people covered in ash and soot. Pictures of the first responders just doing what they do trying to save the innocents.

I will never forget that feeling. I will never forget what I was doing when it happened. I will never forget those images of people hurting or helping. I will never forget the togetherness of this country brought about by tragedy.

The days that followed involved a drive from Texas
to Canada to pick up my boss’s wife who was there visiting her son and had a flight home on the morning of September 11th. She called and told the boss man to come get her now!! So off we went. Two days after the Trade Center fell. We made it back with no problems and started our lives in this, new, wounded, but not down America.

That’s my story of the morning of September 11, 2001 and the days that followed. I just wanted to share.


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