Dr appointment recap

Here is the latest from my visit with Dr. Okai, my MS specialist, yesterday. This was the first time I had been since January and let me tell you, a lot has happened since then. From news of a new baby to summer! Enough said with the word SUMMER.

Just a small update to fill you in on how things went at the dr.: Dealing with the heat has been brutal this year for some reason. I have dealt with the fatigue a lot more than last summer or at least that’s how it feels. So I asked her about it and if there were anything I could do to help. She talked about amantadine and giving that a try. Crossing my fingers for some sort of energy. Haha

I have also been dealing with what I can only describe as anxiety. It’s like I get this thought in my head and its like I just obsess about it and stress/worry over it to the point of nearly having a panic attack. It doesn’t matter if the scenario in my head has no way of being possible! I just worry myself to death over it! This is not me. So I spoke with her about that and we are raising the amount of Zoloft I take from 100mg to 150mg. She mentioned that there was Valium or Xanax but she didn’t want to give me something that would possibly make me drowsy. Especially since I had just complained of the fatigue. Good point! So this is the direction we shall try. Hope I can get my mind some rest.

I also mentioned to her the pain or soreness that I feel most everyday, all day! It’s better after taking the tramadol in the morning but by the afternoon, I’m reaching for the Tylenol. I just haven’t really felt that the tramadol was working as well as it had in the past. So she added a smaller dose of tramadol to take as needed in addition to the normal once-a-day dose.

She did the usual neurological exam. If you have been to the neurologist then you know the one I’m talking about. Put your hands out in front of you and close your eyes. Then touch the index finger of your right hand to your nose. Do the same with the left. Then stand with your feet together and close your eyes. This one always cracks us up since I’m a big guy and my dr is a very petite woman!! She stands there with her hands out as if she plans to catch me if I fall! Yeah right!! Either she is completely diluted about her strength or I have completely underestimated this tiny little woman’s superhuman abilities. Apparently I passed those tests cause we are going to continue with the Tysabri infusions every 6wks and I don’t have to see her back for another 6 months! I told her that next time we come, we should have another little person with us and she told me “If not, pictures will do!”. Haha

Since I went crazy after my last post and managed to delete is as soon as I posted it, I will repeat the news that I revealed in that post! We found out what we are having!! And it’s a……BOY!! (Someone wasn’t thinking pink enough! Haha Just kidding) We are very excited to have another boy! And my son is super stoked to have a little brother! He can hardly wait! Keeps asking is it time for my brother to get here. We have thought we needed to get him this shirt!

20130716-141850.jpg It fits his personality!

Well thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Dr appointment recap

  1. Heat and humidity are a challenge this year for sure! I too take something for fatigue – it has helped me stay at work. It is funny or not so funny – when I read your challenge with anxiety – I get those feelings too, where I totally obsess with a thought, or feeling, til I overwork it, blow it out of context, and generally create my own little storm.

  2. I’m a little late, but so glad I read your post 🙂 I take Wellbutrin which is for depression and not anxiety but, in addition to that I practice Mindful Meditation and have for years. My psychologist years ago introduced me to it as a tool in managing my stress. I was dealing with a relapse and trying to stay in the classroom (High School Teacher). I’m not in the classroom anymore but, the meditation made a huge difference in my life. I’ve gotta say, it made me a better parent for sure. You’ve gotta read my “Three Drunk Guys”, hahaha, get ready!

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