Lunch with the kid!

Well lunch the other day was great! He was so happy to see me and it warms my heart seeing that big smile on his face when he sees that I’m there! We talked about his morning at school and what he is going to do that afternoon. Talked about what he wanted to do after school and visited with his friends having lunch with him! It was great!

That was Tuesday. Then Wednesday morning I had just walked into work when I got a call. It was my chance to put what I wrote about on Tuesday into practice. My son was asking me, again, to have lunch with him. I told him yes and put my lunch that I brought into the refrigerator. Then a little while later my wife called and told me that when she dropped him off at school and they asked him if he brought his lunch or going to eat a tray from the cafeteria, he got a smile and said “My daddy is bringing me lunch” just as proud as he could me!!! That makes it all worth it! I may not be able to go every time due to work but I will be there when he asks and I can!

Then last night he helped me grill burgers for dinner! We had fun. He really is the best kid around! Love him more and more everyday!


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