Wake up call!!

This morning while saying my goodbyes before leaving for work, my son asks me if I could come have lunch with him at school. I had just packed my lunch and made the comment to my wife that I was gonna stay at work to eat since the air conditioner was out in my car and as I’ve said before, heat and MS doesn’t mix! I unpacked my lunch and told him that I would be there all the while trying to figure out how.

I’ll be honest. I felt a little put out by having to change the plans at the last minute. I was kinda frustrated by having to run around to get lunch and be at his school in a matter of minutes!

Since being at work, all I’ve heard about on the radio is the tornado tragedy in Oklahoma and the number of children killed while attending school when the storm hit. It made me think. Think about how lucky I am that my child is here and healthy. That he is here to be able to ask me at the last minute to have lunch with him at school.

My heart breaks for those parents who don’t have that anymore. It also breaks for my child because I get so wrapped up in the normal day to day things and routines that I forget to cherish these little moments because I take for granted that he is here. I need to wake up and realize just how precious life is and how quickly it can be taken away!

My prayer is for all the people affected by the tornado to find peace and strength to handle everything being thrown at them at this time! I could not even imagine having to deal with anything like that at all! I’m not even sure I could be strong enough!

My prayer is also for the ability to see my son and the coming child as the gifts that they are! The ability to treat them as such and to give them the positive father that they deserve! The ability to cherish all of the little moments no matter when they happen or what plans that I have to change! Nothing is as important as they are!!

Same thing goes for my wife! She is my life and I need to treat her as such! I pray for the ability to show her that! To show her how deep my love goes for her and our family that we have created together!

I pray for the wisdom to know that it’s perfectly fine for the laundry or dishes to wait! To know that it’s ok to change plans for them and that not everything has to go according to the plan!

I love my family and just want the best for them!




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