What seasons?

When did summer start following winter? Where is spring? Oh! That’s right! I live in Texas. We don’t have your typical seasons! Haha


This is how we roll in Texas! This week we have been in the 90’s every day but tomorrow we are supposed to be back I’m the 60’s! Last week we were in the upper 80’s for a few days then dipped down to the 50’s!

Before too long we will just be left with nothing but the heat! As we know, heat and MS are not friends! More like mortal enemies! Haha The heat will drain me faster than anything! And now to top off the heat, I am also dealing with longer times between Tysabri infusions! I still have another week and a half before I get my fix! But you may be glad to know, I am not as bad off as I was last month!!! Yes I’m tired but I still feel able to function. I’ll let you know when it gets closer if that has changed!

In other news: Mom and baby seem to be doing fine. She gets the occasional sickness but other than that things seem to be progressing like they should!! We have had hell finding her a dr to care for her during this pregnancy but that’s for another blog! We finally found her one but couldn’t get in until the end of May. We did find out during that whole process that the estimated due date is November 28th! Otherwise known as Thanksgiving Day this year.

Well that’s about all I have for now! Thanks for reading!

Oh!! She asked me to get everyone thinking pink!! She desperately wants a girl!! Lol So in her words: Think pink! Glittery, ruffley, big bow pink!!


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