How did you begin writing?

It's called MS (Multiple Sclerosis)! A while after diagnosis in March '07, I just had this strong urge to get my story out there! Let it be heard or read in this case!

I have learned a few things in the years since diagnosis and one of those things is that men don't get MS as much as women. I have met quite a few online in social media like twitter and Facebook but in my area of the world, they are scarce. So looking for that person to go to for answers is difficult!

I decided to write my story last July in hopes that if someone found it, they found it helpful. I also decided to hold nothing back. I wanted every aspect of my journey with the MonSter to be out there. You never know what someone else is dealing with and it's somewhat comforting to know there is someone else dealing with the same things you are dealing with.

That's why I began writing! In hopes to help others. Why did you begin writing?

Thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “How did you begin writing?

  1. I have always jounaled. Having a relapse this that past year, I needed an outlet; blogging worked well. Blogging has also been helpful in exercising my brain. Cognitive weakness, for the first time ever, needed to be strengthened..

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