Run your business how you want to be treated!

The summary of my weekend goes somewhat like this: Hurry up and wait! And then wait some more!!

My wife and I are trying to get a fence built around our yard a home so my wife called a local fencing business that comes highly recommended and set up an appointment for an estimate. The time was to be at 1:00 on Friday afternoon! I took a late lunch to be able to make it since I work at that time.

I arrived at my house about 10-15 minutes before 1:00. As you can probably guess from the title….nobody showed up! I waited around until 1:45, when I could wait no longer since I had to return to work. It irritates me when someone says they will be there at a certain time and then don’t bother to show up or even call!!!!

Being the nice guy that I am, I called them after I got back to work to figure out what the deal was. Call it a character flaw if you want but I decided to give them another chance! So we set up another appointment for noon on Saturday. Which is cool since I had an appointment with someone else to discuss a few things at 11:00. The first appointment shouldn’t take anymore than 30 minutes and was only 2 minutes from my house so I will be there with time to spare!

Since I had nothing to do until 11:00 on Saturday morning and my wife was working and my son was at his grandmothers house, I lounged around in my pj’s playing on the kindle. Easy morning! That is until I got a text from my wife around 9 saying that the fence company had just tried to call but she didn’t get to it in time and they didn’t leave a voicemail. I immediately tried calling them to only reach their voicemail. I left a message and again….waited! I finally got a call back saying that he was on his way to my house! I jumped up and threw some clothes on and…again waited.

I waited around until about 5 minutes before my other appointment! No phone calls and again nobody showed up! So I left to go to the next meeting. I made the appointment for this one on Thursday of last week to discuss things about my lease agreement with the park manager for where we live! I showed up at 11:00 and… guessed it! No one was there!

Now after Friday and Saturday morning, my patience was shot!! Not that I have a lot to begin with. But I, again, waited! This time, I only waited for about 15 minutes before calling and leaving a voicemail! I’m sure I had a definite tone/attitude but I was very nice, in my opinion. I simply said the time and if anyone decided to show up give me a call cause I have better things to do than wait!

I decided to go back to the house and wait some more on the fence company! That character flaw that I mentioned before had me holding out hope that they would show up at the original appointment time of noon! And again….nothing!

I wrote all of that just to get into this: If you are going to own a business that relies on the general public needing your services, then you should treat the general public as the people that write your paycheck! Basically they are! They are paying you for your service! They chose you from a number of other businesses that do the same thing you do!

Yes there are plenty of fence builders in our area but you were the ones that were recommended! And one thing that I will always remember is something I was told many years ago when I first started working. A customer that comes in and has a good experience is only liable to tell about 2 people! But when a person comes in and has a bad experience, they are liable to tell about 10 people! This just means that you need to work twice as hard to make sure that everyone’s experience with you is a good one or else the negative word of mouth is going to hurt your bottom line! And I know that it’s not possible to please 100% of people all the time! But majority of the time if it can be seen that you are trying your hardest….a lot can be forgiven! My experience this weekend with this particular fencing business will be my last!! I might have been a little more forgiving if I had seen that they were really trying and wanted my business but that was far from the way I was made to feel!

Thanks for reading and listening to my rant! If you own a business…..take care of your business! In other words….take care of your customers!!


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