Supplements that I take daily

I have been meaning to fill you in on a couple of supplements that I have started taking and my experience on them! Let me say that if you never really wanted to know that much about me, this is a good time to stop reading! I will be getting kinda personal on a couple different topics! This is the scoop:

I have been hearing a lot of talk about probiotics and the benefits of taking them. So one day while I was at GNC looking for another supplement that I will talk about next, I decided to pick one up. Couldn’t hurt, right? I mean, I hadn’t really been “regular” for a while due to MS and it’s effect on my digestive system so I figured any help would be a blessing!

I started taking it immediately. The next few days were spent with many, many trips to the restroom. According to something I found online about probiotics, this was just my body flushing out the bad bacteria while building up the good!! After I got past those few days, my body started to even out. I told my wife that I actually feel “regular”! I could just about tell you the time of day that I was going to need to go “potty” (4 yr old speak) haha I know that all the bad bacteria comes from food so I really need to work on what I eat to really help but, so far, this was an improvement I was really excited about!

The probiotic that I chose also had immune support which if you know anything about Tysabri, or majority of MS medications for that matter, then you know that your immune system takes a hit from them! So I figured any help with that is also good! I’m pretty much loving the probiotic and it’s ease in taking it! One pill a day. That’s it!! Very nice!

Next and last supplement I have added at this time is Maca Root (the main reason for my trip to GNC). Lately I have had some……..performance issues in the bedroom. Not to mention my lack of a sex drive that, after thinking about it, more than likely stemmed from my performance problems (also from the anti-depressant I’m taking). Two issues that are a mans worst nightmare and I got them! Fun!!

I have mentioned before, that I had spoken about these thing with the specialist and she had prescribed me Viagra for the first issue! Which is good and all, but it’s one of those medications that insurance doesn’t feel the need to cover! And without insurance, it can be very pricey!!! And she didn’t really have any advise for the lack of drive so that set me out on a search for something cheaper and possibly natural to help in these areas.

This is when I found Maca Root. It’s been around for a really long time. It’s supposed to help with stamina and the ability to perform. That sounded like something I wanted to try! I have been taking it now for about a month and I’m not going to say that it solved the problem completely but it has definitely helped! My sex drive is back!! I feel like a 20 year old, for a lack of a better way to describe it. It was almost immediate from the time I started taking it that I could feel a difference! And as for the performance problems, I’m still glad that I have the Viagra but don’t need to take it quite as often! It’s nice!!

Ok I’m done talking about the personal stuff! I always feel so exposed after talking about this stuff but I have said since the beginning of this blog, “There are no topics off limits!” You never know what anyone else reading this is going to find helpful! It’s also comforting, in my opinion, when you see someone else going through some of the same things you are!

Thanks for reading and I hope it helps someone!


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