Me and blogging

I sit here thinking “I really need to be better at keeping up with my blog.” Then, like clockwork, the next thought hits me! “What should I write about?!” That is the thought that always stops me in my tracks. My head keeps running in circles. “I need to write!” “What do I write?” Never ending cycle!!

I was all for the blog idea when I started it last June. I just wanted to tell my story and anything else that comes up on my journey with Tysabri. Well….I told my story, never expecting Tysabri to do so well, I ran out of blog topics that I can write enough about to constitute a whole new post for. So that leaves me where I am at today. With nothing new to write about. No changes. Still doing good! Still going for my infusions once a month.

Needless to say, me and blogging don’t get along very well!! I guess I could tell you about my weekend but then I think, “No one cares about my weekend. I lead a boring life!” Haha

I always say that I will try to keep up with it better, but this time I will just say…Thanks for reading and I will post again when the inspiration strikes! Ha


3 thoughts on “Me and blogging

  1. You are saying the same thing I say about blogging….I have nothing to say but there seems to be a few of us who like to read about ordinary life?…I encourage you to keep blogging…you made me smile

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