Update from the last visit with the Dr.

To sum up this last visit with the MS specialist one word comes to mind. GOOD!! It was a good visit! No changes are to be made at this time. Which is good news to me!

I was concerned over her wanting to change how often I get the monthly infusions of Tysabri! Right now, I go every 28 days to get an infusion. I had heard of drs wanting to go to every other month infusions to limit the exposure in people who test positive for the JC virus. Since I tested positive, I was afraid that she would want to do that with me.

She started out talking about going to every six weeks instead of every month, but then she asked how I felt when it came time for my infusion each month. So I told her that I could definitely feel when it was time for what I call my “go-go juice”! haha I just get run down a lot easier for about 3-4 days before my next infusion. When I told her that she dropped the topic and moved on! Whew!! That was a relief!

The rest of the visit was quite nice! Did the usual neurological tests and seemed to pass all of them. She sent me for blood work and also threw in another JC virus test. That threw me off a little. I had heard that a negative test result could change to positive with the next test but I had never heard of it happening the other way around where a positive result could be negative with the next test. But I guess we will see what happens there! If it hadn’t threw me for a loop I would have been in the right mind to ask her about it but I was just not expecting that. So will keep y’all posted on that when the results come back to me!

I also asked her about her opinion on the recent study about the Interferons (Avonex, Rebif, Betaseron) not working like they should. She basically said that she didn’t buy that at all! She didn’t agree with the way the study was done and she pointed out the numerous studies that state the exact opposite with the studies being conducted in a way that make it easier to believe! So needless to say, she wasn’t a fan of that particular study!

Well that about sums up my latest visit! Thanks for reading!!

*It has come to my attention that Copaxone was not included in the study of the injectables as I mentioned before. It was only the Interferon Injection (Avonex, Rebif, and Betaseron) that were studied. I have made that correction above and apologize for the incorrect info! 😊


2 thoughts on “Update from the last visit with the Dr.

  1. Well I’m glad to hear about your visit being decent. I was on the rebif injections for about 2 years and they seemed to be keeping everything at bay, I mean no new lesions or increases in size so that was good. the side effects are nasty though. I hope everything gets better for you and I’ll check back to see how u r doing. I need to go get a lumbar done for some more testing, not looking forward to that but u gotta do what u gotta do. keep well 🙂

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