Update 1/20/12

It’s been almost a month since my last visit with the specialist. I thought it was time to give everyone a quick update!

Other than having a cold right now, I am doing good!! I haven’t had any major issues arise since I last posted. I have been taking the 100 mg Tramadol since she changed that prescription and it seems to be helping. I do still have minor pain but it’s nothing I can’t deal with. It kinda comes and goes now so it’s not like before where it just sticks around all day.

Now as for the Viagra, I will leave most of that to myself but I will say it works! Haha

I added the extra Vitamin D to my morning regimen. Still taking the 100 mg Zoloft. Haven’t had too many of the aggressive mood swings since upping the dosage so that is a good thing!! I haven’t been able to start the physical therapy yet so I’m not able to report on how that is going. And as for the weight loss……not too well! I just haven’t had the drive needed to get on something and stick with it! I’m not giving up! I will find my stride with it sooner or later!

That pretty much sums up the last month in a nutshell! Hope you all are doing well also! Thanks for reading!


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