Questions for the specialist

I am starting my lists of questions that I have for my MS Specialist when I see her next on the 19th of this month. This will be a growing list as questions arise. I will post the answers that I receive when I get them!

1. Flu shot or not?shot yes/mist no
2. Tips for loosing weight with MS?ease into it/ listen to your body
3. Vitamin D results?take 2000-5000iu/day
4. JC Virus results?positive
5. (kinda personal) Would Viagra help?
6. Diphen/Atropine tab great for runs! 😉
7. The Tramadol not working! Alternatives? Higher dosing with Tylenol 325 Tylenol
8. immune system help? Vitimin c

To be continued…


2 thoughts on “Questions for the specialist

  1. I’m curious about the flu shot too. While I know getting the flu can cause a relapse, I also worry about stimulating my immune system with the vaccine. I’m pretty sure the shot would be a safer bet than the nasal mist since it’s a “live” vaccine but I’m still nervous.

  2. Scott, Tylenol 325mg is what the strength of Over the Counter Tylenol is. If you take it with the Tramadol it helps the Tramadol work better. I am so proud of you for writing this blog. It can’t be easy to share everything with strangers or “aunts”..lolI love you guys!!

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