I am running late on this as usual but never too late to count your blessings!!!

I am thankful for many things on my life!!! I know it may be strange but I am thankful for MS. It sucks to have to deal with everything but it has also opened my eyes to the truly important things in life!! My family! My son and my wife! I am extremely thankful for them and every minute I get to spend with them! My son is still too young to know that there is anything wrong with his daddy but still loves me no matter what! My wife is my rock!!! I love her more and more each day! She has stuck by me through everyday of this journey called MS! Seen me in my ups and downs! I will admit that I haven’t been the best husband in the world and she still treats me as so! She is one special person that I consider myself lucky every day to be blessed with! She is also my biggest advocate when it comes to the MS! She is the one that convinced me to go to the specialist I am seeing now that has me on, what I feel, is the right track for me!

I am thankful for my ability to still be working! I still feel like a contributing member of the household! Speaking of working, I an thankful for the company that I work for and the people in charge of that company! They understand what I need to do in dealing with the MS and try to help however they can!!

I am thankful for the drs that I have found! The specialist as well as my local neurologist! They both work with each other very well! Thankful for that! My specialist is very attentive! She takes the time to listen to my concerns and address them each until I fully understand! Not many drs would do that from what I have heard!

These are a few of the big things that I am thankful for in my life right now! There are many others but will have to include those in another blog another day!!!


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