Time to change

Now that I have a more energy and ability to get around, it’s time that I make some changes regarding my health! In high school I was very over-weight! Around 350 lbs! So when I say very, I mean VERY!!! However, when we moved back home from Abilene in 2005, I was down to 250 lbs thanks to my job! I was constantly on the move! My job was non-stop for 9 hours a day! But moving back home and finding a different job that is not as fast paced, plus add MS on top of that has caused me to gain a lot of it back!

I have come to the conclusion that I need to do something to get in as good of shape as I can! I may not be able to control MS but I can do something about my weight while I am physically able. I also feel that this is the best way that I can probably help with MS by being as physically healthy as possible!

So where to start? I know I need to change my eating habits and add some sort of exercise to the mix but where I get stumped is in adding any type of vitamins to my daily routine! The last time that I tried a daily multi-vitamin it was like I turned radioactive!!! My urine was all sorts of neon green!!! That’s not normal! For me at least! It may be normal for multi-vitamins but that’s my problem. I just don’t know enough about them! I guess that is where my dr comes into the picture. Just need to talk to her about it!

So for now the plan of action is to modify my diet and add about 30 minutes of exercise to my daily regimen! Wish me luck!


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