A “little” Update!!!

I don’t think I thought this blog out very well! I shared my story and where I am at physically and mentally, but now where do I go with it?

Well let me start by updating you on where I am right now! For starters, I am about to go for my fourth Tysabri infusion! So far so good! Everyone aske if I think the medicine is working and all I can say is that so far it appears to be doing something! I am walking better than I was whenever the foot pain will allow. We went to our local Subway the other day this particular location has stairs to the front door! The way it is built there are no handrails close to where the door is! There is a wheelchair ramp down at on end and the rails are there! Went through all that description to say that I made it up and down without going down to the rails and having a problem! It’s the small things that make my day!

I definitely have more energy and with all the heat we are experiencing, that is a plus! Haha Which more energy is a great thing except my wife isn’t too fond of it when it’s bedtime and I’m still wide awake! Lol

My irritability is still a work in progress! I just have to keep reminding myself that it’s all ok!!! Not worth getting worked up over! If I need to, I just need to remember to just walk away! That seems to work best. Then come back once I have gathered my thoughts! So still learning!

That’s pretty much all I got right now! Lol Short and sweet but that is where I’m at!!! Thanks for reading!!!


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