Well I have another appointment with the MS specialist in a couple of weeks! I love going to see Dr. Okai in Dallas! On one hand she is a great doctor! On the other it means another weekend trip for my wife and I to have some fun! Like I said before, we don’t get out of town very often and since we have to go for a dr appointment, we decided to make the most of it!

We were talking about what we wanted to do on this trip and decided that we wanted to go see a play of some sort. I got online and searched for the days we were going to be there and guess what I found!!! Turns out that Dick Van Dyke and his brother Jerry are going to be there doing a show called The Sunshine Boys by Neil Simon!

First of all, most Neil Simon shows that I have seen or read, have been very funny and entertaining. Then there is the fact that it’s DICK VAN DYKE!!! A living legend!!! I remember watching him in the old Nick at Nite re-runs of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Not to mention the movies that he has done! And besides that, he is not getting any younger so why miss the chance to see him in person doing what he does best? So that is our plan! Can you tell I am a little excited? Haha Plus we will figure out a few other things to do in between the Dr visit and Dick! Hehe

Now onto the dr! I have a list of things I need to talk to her about! The first being the pain in my feet! It get unbearable at times, but what can you do? Just keep going! I know my wife is tired of hearing me complain that my feet are hurting!!! I just don’t know if I should see a podiatrist or not! If it is the MS then going to a podiatrist would just be a waste of money! So gotta wait an talk to Okai about it!

Then there is the pain in my back! I’m not sure if it is MS related or if I just need a new mattress to sleep on! Lol But either way something’s got to give! Kinda hard to work with a stiff back!

Next is the benefits of vitamin D and if I need it! I’ve been hearing about vitamin D and MS a lot here lately so it’s something to ask about!

Now there is a controversial topic of the CCSVI treatment! I’m not saying that I am planning on running out to get it done but I just want her opinion on it! I figure she has done some looking into it and developed her thoughts on it! If not I will know when I ask! Lol

That’s about it for now! I will blog again after I see her and get her answers to these questions and fill you in on what comes next! Thanks for reading!


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