A pleasant surprise

My wife and I attended a program the other night presented by Pfizer about skin care and injection site reactions. Now I haven’t been doing the injection thing since last May but I do still feel that it is important to arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible when dealing with MS.

I always enjoy going to these programs since you get to meet a few new people who may be going through the same things you are! In fact I finally met a gentleman named Jerry who is also taking Tysabri infusions! (I say “finally” due to the fact that I had been told for the past few months that i should call him and I am a self-proclaimed “shy person” and I probably wouldn’t have talked to him if it hadn’t been for my wife! Lol) I will admit that it was nice being able to sit there and ask questions and hear his answers and experiences! So that was a bonus!

Ok now back to the story! The program was scheduled for 6:00 in Midland! I work in Odessa, which is only about 20-25 minutes away and I don’t get off work until 5:30! So in order to save time, I opted to change clothes in the car on the way! Now let me say here that I am not a small guy in any way! I’m 6’1″ and weigh…uh… Anyways, moving on! I managed to completely change clothes in a relatively small car with minimum irritation! I don’t really even remember any profane words being expelled! Which if you read Blog #2, you would understand why that is a huge feat! Lol

So we arrived and I was still proud of my most recent accomplishment as we walked in the restaurant where this program was being held! We entered the room only to find that we were the first to arrive!

We quickly found a place to sit and wait for things to get started when the guy from Pfizer came over to introduce himself. That conversation started with all the normal pleasantries. He then asked which one of us had MS! I personally thought that was obvious but I guess not! I told him that I did and that is when a look of shock came across his face and he exclaimed “Really? You look so good!!!”!

Now I know how the general MS population feels about hearing statements like that but this was the part where I was pleasantly surprised!

Now just remember that, since January, I have been described as walking like “a drunk duck” and have personally not felt really good at all! That is until about the last month! I have felt that maybe I was improving but not sure since it’s been so freakin hot here! So to hear that made my day!!! For someone who does meetings like this with MS patients all the time to tell that I was really looking good made me feel good!

Considering where I was about 6 months ago to where I am now, not even being able to drive and all, I am going to take the usual pet peeve as a compliment!!

Really it’s the small things that make the greatest impact! 😀


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